Cognac 50 years in a gift box

Special series
Region: France, Cognac, Fins Bois e Gran Champagne
ABV: 40 grades
Volume: 700 ml
Ageing: 50 years
Color: cognac with a profound coloration, with a dark amber hue
Taste: product with a complex and saturated taste characterized by a wide range of tastes of different kinds of juicy fruits and plain chocolate that leave a long and elegant aftertaste, giving the consumer incredible sensations.
Aroma: the aroma of the cognac stands out for its particular tastefulness, for its elegance and for its saturation. The cognac gets these characteristics thanks to a long ageing in the oak barrels.
Gastronomic combination: the cognac is a good digestive beverage that goes perfectly well with a cigar and chocolate.

Gift wrapped cognac + 60€