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Cognac is a rare, limited and unique cognac, created from the harvest from the vines growing on the lands of the Grande champagne which is the best area of the Cognac region.
Cognac was developed and manufactured exclusively for the company Monaco «MC Product Spirit».
The number of produced bottles is limited to only a few thousand.

Unique flavor Exclusivity of the 50-year and 110-year old cognac is gained due to the unique recipe, whose history brings us to the middle ages, when the famous unique alcohols of the areas of the Cognac region Grande Champagne and Fins Bois were created.


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Light grey, often nearly white soil of the region indicates to the unique quality – the presence of deep layers of soft chalk, the result of a geological storm in the tertiary period. This is a valuable, unique, perfect composition, which makes this area the unique place for growing grapes used in the production of cognac . This terroir provides the finest, the most delicate and the purest ethyl alcohol with a rich bouquet, developing significantly with age. The main breed of grapes used for the production of cognac is called Ugni Blanc (Ugni Blanc). There also may be Colombard (Colombard) and Folle Blanche (Folle Blanche). It is the richness and complexity of th soil composition of vineyards that enrich the cognac with its characteristic peculiarities: softness, elegance, floral notes, succade taste and mild spicery.

As once respected vinedresser Jean-Paul Camus said: «It is easy to make great cognac. All you need is great-grandfather, grandfather and father, who devoted their lives to this process».

This is one of the most valuable virtues of cognac . The production of THIS cognac is performed entirely in the territory of the castle (Le Chateau) whose mysterious history tinctures the beverage with a special taste and aroma that attract real fans of this mysterious drink.

The exclusive technology of barrel production in which the century-old and semicentennial cognacs are aged is a special pride of the founders of еру unique taste, sweet and pleasant texture of the elite cognac . Centuries-old oaks and forests of Tronseic and Limousin forests of Central France, best traditional handcraft of the ancient families of artisanals (French craftsmen), the leaves of reeds and top-grade flour are the materials, that provide «BARRELS-GIANTS» with the highest degree of integrity, and of course, a centuries-old secret of the special internal firing of the ready barrels, that softens the wood, improves its extractive qualities, and most importantly – the layer of burnt sugar mutated under the impact of glucose temperature contained in the wood structure, that covers the inner surface of the barrel after firing.
Porous structure of wood barrels cannot prevent alcohol evaporation (a kind of «HEAVEN TAX», poetically called «angel's SHARE») that makes 2 – 3% per year. Cognac is the champion of «TAX HEAVEN», where 50 thousand hectolitres of alcohol are evaporated each year. AND THAT makes 18-22 MILLION BOTTLES!!

Not many people know that cognac spirit, which is poured into barrels, is absolutely colorless. Later century-old and semicentennial «marriage» of barrels of barrels and cognac spirit cause the properties of the latter to change, it gets its rich amber-ruby color, and finally reveals its aromatic personality, filled with vanilla aroma and taste of a royal beverage, «strengthens» and becomes enriched with many different nuances, saturating with special scents of flowers, fruit and spices.
For many years, since the birth of this exquisite and rich beverage the cellar master examines and takes a sample from each barrel, evaluating with his professional smell the changes and taking away some of the barrels in order to mix them with others. In this way after seventy years the number of cognacs mixed in each barrel approaches to seven hundred and this legacy is passed along to the next cellar master. One more quarter of a century - one more master and the legend reaches perfection.